Friday, July 20, 2007

Caught wet eyed

It rained super heavily when I woke up this morning. Not going to missed any of the 4 appointments today, I struggled to take a shower and wore the shirt I just washed at 1am. It is for the interview at 2pm.

When I reached school 30mins late for the 9am appointment with Prof M. H., he wasn't in the office. Took breakfast anyway before leaving at 10am to Pasir Panjang for a meeting at 11am. Two buses and an MRT later I saw the very very unpleasant sight - the shoes outside the house don't reflect what should be going on - no one was there and the meeting is cancelled.

Two buses and an MRT again later, reached NTU at 12.30pm. My entire morning had gone nowhere. Money and time was wasted, sleep forsaken. I came to library only to forced to do indecent act, i.e. to answer a phone call. Latest piece of news, interview is postponed. Good news is that only postponed for 1800 seconds. Always look on the bright side of life, yea?!

Feel very sleepy. I yawned, squeezed some tears to wipe the windscreen but only to see multiple light flash clearer. Oh no, people are shooting me! Unknowingly I may wrongly be categorised as people who do indescent act in the public place, and it'd appear not only on STOMP, but also in the what-u-see-during-the-trip presentation in their home country! Where's my privacy?? (I recommend you to read T. Friedman's lastest addition to his TWIF, 2007)

Next appointment would get me leave here before 5pm. Guess it should end at 10pm and I'll definitely reach home at 11.30pm and hit the bed after 2am. It's not over, still need to catch up with Prof M. H. tomorrow...

What a super exhaustive life for an umemployed foreign-worker-to-be in such land. A Chinese song that goes 展翅任翔双羽燕 我这薄衣过得残冬. Can I withstand such 'winter'?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I hate to not know anything.
I hate to be the last to know.
I hate to know what's going on.
I hate to not be able to do anything.
I hate to feel helpless.

I hate that during this grad-find.job-send.resume-interview-sign period for most people I'm here wait-see-wait-see eat-drink-sleep and wait and see. South wind north wind, low visibility. Dear Mr. DBS Bank, please wait.wait.wait. Dear Mr. UofA please look at the bright side of [my] life. Dear Mr. SPETA RDC PL are u also wait.see.wait? Anyways dear Mr. Sellers_cum_buyers look out for phone rings as a fortune is waiting for u [and me].

I hate to blog at 3.04AM and I hate that I gotta go NTU to collect certificate and transcript later today at 9.00AM and then go back 5 working days later to collect a duplicate transcript. I hate red tape.

I hate for not being able to love what is promised to come. I'm confused. I hate it.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Taib Mahmud

For those who dunno, he is the dear chief minister of Sarawak for an intimidating 26 years. It is interesting to see his legal action against a website which reported his side income but only republished an original news from Japan.

Read more here. And dear Sarawakian, dun u think this might make life more interesting? Let others know ba.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007